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Outils Win32 GUI (Graphique)

Les outils Win32 GUI (Graphique) proposés sont des programmes munis d'une interface graphique. Ce sont en général des programmes autonomes ayant pour vocation soit d'accomplir des tâches d'administration, de maintenance ou de supervision ou alors de simples jeux !

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06-11-2016 GuiTree Gilles LAURENT 200
01-11-2016 MultiLync Gilles LAURENT 224
08-03-2009 XButtons Gilles LAURENT 1491
10-11-2008 Win32Error Gilles LAURENT 1166
07-10-2008 ChangeVolumeDriveLetter Gilles LAURENT 3223
22-09-2008 TSGina Gilles LAURENT 1113
05-09-2008 StartMax Gilles LAURENT 1127
21-08-2008 SplashLog Gilles LAURENT 1266
10-07-2008 RegSvr32PerUser Gilles LAURENT 1085
20-10-2006 printtestpageext Gilles LAURENT 898
19-10-2006 sudogrid Gilles LAURENT 928
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  • Outils Win32 CUI (Console)

    Les outils Win32 CUI (Console) proposés s'utilisent au sein d'une invite de commandes. Il sont principalement destinés à être incorporés dans des scripts batch dans le but visant à s'affranchir de l'écriture de certaines actions spécifiques ou alors à scripter des tâches complexes.

  • Console WSH Shell

    VBScript from command line ? Yes with WSH Shell Console !

    - Complete support for WSH and VBScript
    - Builtin object browser from command line
    - External commands supported
    - Modular and extensible with VBScript classes
    - Windows 2008 Core compatible
    - Very useful to prototype or debug script-block interactively
    - Fun And Free !


    Version - 20080627

        [x] Fix: Tab characters are now expanded in-place with eight space characters proportionally
        [x] Fix: Some prerequisites are checked before to start the WSH Shell console
        [x] Fix: Shell.DownloadString method converts the binary response form to a string to keep the charset
        [x] Fix: Shell.DownloadString method now supports proxy authentication (Shell.NetworkCredentials)

        [x] New: The console runs successfully from a removable device
        [x] New: Shell.NetworkCredentials object property
        [x] New: Shell.Require method
        [x] New: Shell.StringToSecureString method
        [x] New: Shell.SecureStringToString method
        [x] New: Shell.Sid property
        [x] New: Shell.EnginePid property
        [x] New: WSH Shell Setup with optional components

        [x] Upg: WSH Shell Help File "Help\_wshShell.xml"
        [x] Upg: WSH Shell Setup build with Inno Setup Compiler 5.2.3
        [x] Upg: Minor enhancements

    PDF Documentation: -
    Installer: setup.exe (

    Version - 20080409

        [x] Fix: WSHShell.CurrentDirectory property can now be updated without interfering with the console
        [x] Fix: Shell.CreateObjectWithConstants method now supports constant values of type String
        [x] Fix: Internal open file handles are now released correctly
        [x] Fix: WScript.Quit method (aliased) now calls Shell.StopShell method to stop the shell gracefully

        [x] New: User and all users profile support (
        [x] New: Shell.ProfileDir readonly property ([CSIDL_PERSONAL]\WSH Shell)
        [x] New: WSH -enableprofile command line parameter to set the user's profile redirection
        [x] New: Aliases ^exit$ (regexp) and wscript.quit (builtin)
        [x] New: Microsoft Windows Vista Manifest embedded in WSH.exe (Virtualization disabled by default)

        [x] Upg: Embedded Resource File Version Info translated from Fr-fr to En-us
        [x] Upg: WSH Shell Help File "Help\_wshShell.xml" (ProfileDir property)
        [x] Upg: WSH Command-line Help File "Help\_wshCmdLine.xml" (-enableprofile param)
        [x] Upg: v1.0.0.7 : Minor enhancements
        [x] Upg: Data\*.dat files are renamed to Data\*.wsh to disable files virtualization under Windows Vista

    PDF Documentation: -
    Installer: setup.exe (

    Version - 20080403

        [x] Fix: Shell.ArrayToString method (alias $) resolution mismatch in certain circumstances
        [x] Fix: Shell.FormatTable method with hex typed (&H) columns are now processed as numeric values

        [x] Upg: v1.0.0.6 : GetHelp, BuildHelpFile, SearchClasses methods added
        [x] Upg: WSH Wmi Help File "Help\_wshWmi.xml"
        [x] Upg: Minor enhancements

        [x] New: FormatList builtin method (alias fl)
        [x] New: Update the console title if running with elevated privilege

    PDF Documentation: -
    Installer: setup.exe (

    Version - 20071017

        [x] Fix: Builtin command _savehistory now converts oem characters to ansi
        [x] Fix: Builtin command _loadhistory now converts ansi characters to oem

        [x] Upg: DownloadString builtin method does not return responses from the cache anymore
        [x] Upg: v1.0.0.2 : BindWithCredentials method added
        [x] Upg: WSH Shell Help File "Help\_wshShell.xml"
        [x] Upg: WSH Adsi Help File "Help\_wshAdsi.xml"
        [x] Upg: Minor enhancements

        [x] New: Builtin command _gethistory outputs console command history to the screen
        [x] New: Builtin command _clearhistory clears the console command history

    PDF Documentation: -
    Installer: setup.exe (

    Version - 20071002

        [x] Fix: Builtin command _gethelp now supports commands starting with a dash
        [x] Fix: Ansi to OEM characters translation when running batch scripts (-script)
        [x] Fix: Shell.GetMembers method against WMI objects
        [x] Fix: Builtin command _gethelp now supports commands enclosed by quotes
        [x] Fix: WSH -color and -pcolor syntax 
        [x] Fix: WMI Class replaces double slash characters sequence with a single one
        [x] Fix: WSH stdout and stderr redirection support
        [x] Fix: Builtin command _screensnap now creates HTML output as valid HTML 4.01 Strict
        [x] Fix: Minor bug fixes

        [x] Upg: More default tab completed commands
        [x] Upg: FormatTable builtin method now recognizes columns types automatically
        [x] Upg: Introducing new XML tag
        [x] Upg: Builtin command _gethelp now dislays all available help files
        [x] Upg: WSH Shell Help File "Help\_wshShell.xml"
        [x] Upg: Minor enhancements

        [x] New: WSH Command-line Help File "Help\_wshCmdLine.xml"
        [x] New: GetFileContent builtin method (alias gfc)
        [x] New: -hide command line parameter to run the WSH console hidden
        [x] New: Builtin command _savehistory saves console command history to a file
        [x] New: Builtin command _loadhistory loads console command history from a file

        [x] New: WSH Ini class and help file
        [x] New: WSH Adsi class and help file

    PDF Documentation: -
    Installer: setup.exe (


        [x] New: First public release

    PDF Documentation: -
    Installer: setup.exe (