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Écrit par Gilles LAURENT   
Console WSHShell Engine

VBScript from command line ? Yes with WSH Shell Console !

- Complete support for WSH and VBScript
- Builtin object browser from command line
- External commands supported
- Modular and extensible with VBScript classes
- Windows 2008 Core compatible
- Very useful to prototype or debug script-block interactively
- Fun And Free !


Version - 20080627

    [x] Fix: Tab characters are now expanded in-place with eight space characters proportionally
    [x] Fix: Some prerequisites are checked before to start the WSH Shell console
    [x] Fix: Shell.DownloadString method converts the binary response form to a string to keep the charset
    [x] Fix: Shell.DownloadString method now supports proxy authentication (Shell.NetworkCredentials)

    [x] New: The console runs successfully from a removable device
    [x] New: Shell.NetworkCredentials object property
    [x] New: Shell.Require method
    [x] New: Shell.StringToSecureString method
    [x] New: Shell.SecureStringToString method
    [x] New: Shell.Sid property
    [x] New: Shell.EnginePid property
    [x] New: WSH Shell Setup with optional components

    [x] Upg: WSH Shell Help File "Help\_wshShell.xml"
    [x] Upg: WSH Shell Setup build with Inno Setup Compiler 5.2.3
    [x] Upg: Minor enhancements

Version - 20080409

    [x] Fix: WSHShell.CurrentDirectory property can now be updated without interfering with the console
    [x] Fix: Shell.CreateObjectWithConstants method now supports constant values of type String
    [x] Fix: Internal open file handles are now released correctly
    [x] Fix: WScript.Quit method (aliased) now calls Shell.StopShell method to stop the shell gracefully

    [x] New: User and all users profile support (
    [x] New: Shell.ProfileDir readonly property ([CSIDL_PERSONAL]\WSH Shell)
    [x] New: WSH -enableprofile command line parameter to set the user's profile redirection
    [x] New: Aliases ^exit$ (regexp) and wscript.quit (builtin)
    [x] New: Microsoft Windows Vista Manifest embedded in WSH.exe (Virtualization disabled by default)

    [x] Upg: Embedded Resource File Version Info translated from Fr-fr to En-us
    [x] Upg: WSH Shell Help File "Help\_wshShell.xml" (ProfileDir property)
    [x] Upg: WSH Command-line Help File "Help\_wshCmdLine.xml" (-enableprofile param)
    [x] Upg: v1.0.0.7 : Minor enhancements
    [x] Upg: Data\*.dat files are renamed to Data\*.wsh to disable files virtualization under Windows Vista

Version - 20080403

    [x] Fix: Shell.ArrayToString method (alias $) resolution mismatch in certain circumstances
    [x] Fix: Shell.FormatTable method with hex typed (&H) columns are now processed as numeric values

    [x] Upg: v1.0.0.6 : GetHelp, BuildHelpFile, SearchClasses methods added
    [x] Upg: WSH Wmi Help File "Help\_wshWmi.xml"
    [x] Upg: Minor enhancements

    [x] New: FormatList builtin method (alias fl)
    [x] New: Update the console title if running with elevated privilege

Version - 20071017

    [x] Fix: Builtin command _savehistory now converts oem characters to ansi
    [x] Fix: Builtin command _loadhistory now converts ansi characters to oem

    [x] Upg: DownloadString builtin method does not return responses from the cache anymore
    [x] Upg: v1.0.0.2 : BindWithCredentials method added
    [x] Upg: WSH Shell Help File "Help\_wshShell.xml"
    [x] Upg: WSH Adsi Help File "Help\_wshAdsi.xml"
    [x] Upg: Minor enhancements

    [x] New: Builtin command _gethistory outputs console command history to the screen
    [x] New: Builtin command _clearhistory clears the console command history

Version - 20071002

    [x] Fix: Builtin command _gethelp now supports commands starting with a dash
    [x] Fix: Ansi to OEM characters translation when running batch scripts (-script)
    [x] Fix: Shell.GetMembers method against WMI objects
    [x] Fix: Builtin command _gethelp now supports commands enclosed by quotes
    [x] Fix: WSH -color and -pcolor syntax 
    [x] Fix: WMI Class replaces double slash characters sequence with a single one
    [x] Fix: WSH stdout and stderr redirection support
    [x] Fix: Builtin command _screensnap now creates HTML output as valid HTML 4.01 Strict
    [x] Fix: Minor bug fixes

    [x] Upg: More default tab completed commands
    [x] Upg: FormatTable builtin method now recognizes columns types automatically
    [x] Upg: Introducing new XML tag
    [x] Upg: Builtin command _gethelp now dislays all available help files
    [x] Upg: WSH Shell Help File "Help\_wshShell.xml"
    [x] Upg: Minor enhancements

    [x] New: WSH Command-line Help File "Help\_wshCmdLine.xml"
    [x] New: GetFileContent builtin method (alias gfc)
    [x] New: -hide command line parameter to run the WSH console hidden
    [x] New: Builtin command _savehistory saves console command history to a file
    [x] New: Builtin command _loadhistory loads console command history from a file

    [x] New: WSH Ini class and help file
    [x] New: WSH Adsi class and help file


    [x] New: First public release

PDF Documentation: -
Installer: setup.exe

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